On April 15, 2018 we held a special ceremony reciting the Heart Sutra and planted a Bodhi Tree at the Dharma Bum Temple. It was a celebration of the one-year anniversary in the new Temple. The Bodhi Tree was a gift from our dear friend Jonathan Lee and it was planted with the help of Harry & Mora Thompson and about 150 other Dharma Bums! 

Each of us took a turn with the shovel and one by one added the soil. Just like the Temple, the Bodhi Tree is strong and grows steady every day. As you enter the Temple, may the Bodhi Tree always be a reminder to breathe deeply and come back to your true nature. 

Please check out the video below highlighting a special eighteen months, which led us to the new Dharma Bum Temple and Bodhi Tree Planting Ceremony: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

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