Year-End Fundraising Campaign for the Dharma Bum Temple

Every day I am in awe at the amount of people who walk into the Dharma Bum Temple. Some people are here for the first time and some have been here for many years. Some live in San Diego, some visit from the east coast, some come from other countries. Some people come to sit in the early morning, some in the evening and some during the day when the space has just a few people. Some people come to feed the homeless, some to watch movies, some to work on their recovery from addiction and some just to clean the bathroom. Some people take out the trash, some mop the floors, some put shoes on the rack and some even close the bathroom door. Some people are recurring monthly donors, some people leave donations in the donation box, some do both and some don't leave any donation and all are ok. Some people come here to learn about Zen, some to learn about Theravada Buddhism, some to listen to great Tibetan nuns, monks or other guest speakers. Some people come for Afternoon Video Dharma, some follow us on YouTube, some like to learn the Basics, some just want to hear the Singing Bowls. Some people come for silent retreats, some for Family Sangha, some for the Teens, some sit in the library and some simply use the space for their own practice. Some come for Loving-Kindness, some for a Whole Hearted book study, some because they are happy, some because they are sad, some want to connect and some want to get quiet. Some people are in Delta Beta Tau, some volunteer in prison and some enjoy the beauty of Buddha for You Gifts & Books. Whatever the reason you show up and whatever you do here we appreciate it! We built this Dharma Bum Temple for you and now we are asking you for some year-end support as all Non-Profit Organizations will do. 

At the end of each year we look to you the community to make donations to help us sustain monthly expenses and help us pay down the debt of the building. Please take 2 minutes right now to make a tax-deductible donation online. Thank you for showing up and thank you for your support! 

You may donate via our Facebook Fundraising Campaign as there are no fees. You may donate via the DBT website or you may send (or drop in donation box) a check made out to Dharma Bum Temple. If you visit the website donation page, you will see many different ways one can donate and support the Dharma Bum Temple. All donations are of course tax-deductible. 

As Co-Founder and Executive Director, it is an honor to be of service to this community. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us Dharma Bums. Our intention has always been to build a safe place to study and practice Buddhism while coming together as a community. We have succeeded but we are not done yet, not even close... 

Yours in the Dharma, 

Jeffrey Zlotnik

Please click here to learn more about the year-end fundraising campaign and consider making a donation of any amount!

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