Temple programs

The Dharma Bum Temple offers a variety of programs such as guest Dharma talks, weekly classes, community service opportunities, Buddhist learning & social groups, and retreats. All are welcome and all of our programs are always free!


Our current weekly classes and sessions are as follows:

  • Silent Meditation
  • Zen Buddhism & Meditation
  • Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation
  • Dharma Bum Basics & Meditation
  • Zazen & Heart Sutra Meditation and Study
  • Intro to Buddhism & Meditation
  • Recovery Sangha


Our current temple groups are as follows:

  • DBT Social Sangha
  • Family Sangha
  • Engaged Buddhist Training Program
  • Delta Beta Tau Co-Ed Fraternity at SDSU


Our current community service opportunities are as follows:

  • PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) Project
  • Weekly Temple Food Redistributions
  • Homeless Hats: Knit & Sit
  • Temple Cleaning & Gardening
  • Prison Outreach Program

We also have relationships with and recommend volunteering with the following organizations:

  • San Diego Pride
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Amikas Foundation
  • Bridge Hospice
  • Voices for Children
  • Trans Family Support Services


Our current temple retreats are as follows:

  • Half Day of Silence Retreat
  • Residential Retreats