Your legacy can continue to carry and strengthen the work and mission of DBT to offer free Buddhist and meditation teachings to all who seek it. By making DBT a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement plans, life insurance policy or financial accounts, your generosity will go even further to support the thousands of women, men and families that benefit from and will benefit from DBT for many years to come.



A Few Ways to Make a Planned Gift


  1. Estates and Bequests – A gift through your will or living trust is a simple but significant wat to support DBT. Estate gifts designate a dollar amount or percentage of the estate’s value to a charity as outlined in your will or living trust.
  2. Retirement Plans – Designating DBT to receive the remainder of your retirement plan can be a tax efficient way to make a significant gift. Making a donation of all or a portion of a retirement plan to a charity lets you avoid both estate and income taxes. It’s easy to do. Call your retirement plan administrator and ask to fill out a new beneficiary designation form.
  3. Real Estate – Donating real estate is often a smart move and an efficient way to leave a legacy gift to DBT. It can remove the burdens of owning property and offer attractive tax benefits. When you donate real estate to a charitable organization, you avoid paying costly capital gains taxes on the difference between the original purchase price and today’s value.


For more information or to set up a meeting on how you can create your own lasting legacy with a planned gift, please contact DBT Executive Director Jeff Zlotnik at thedharmabumtemple@gmail.com or 619-582-1100.


“Deciding to add DBT to my will was an easy decision. I know the tremendous good it’s done for me and see the good it does for so many others on a daily basis. This is my way to help ensure that DBT will always be available as the beacon of hope it has proven to be for me.” – Matt Brand