We have put a list by the door of volunteer cleaning tasks that can be done by anyone at anytime. Cleaning supplies are in the bathroom or if you need something else, ask someone at Temple. Please complete the task and put an X in the box, it is that simple. We have 500-700 people a week that come to Temple, so we appreciate volunteers helping to care for the DBT.

There is also a weekly event on Saturdays from 12pm-2pm. You don't need to stay the entire period, even just 30 minutes of your time is beautiful!

Spend some time after the 11am meditation or before the 2pm meditation and help clean and care for the Dharma Bum Temple. We will be sweeping, gardening, mopping, light cleaning, etc. so just show up! 

If you would like to volunteer your time but are unable to come on Saturday, please choose a task from the chart posted by the door. You can be of service and help clean any time Temple is open and is convenient with your schedule.

"Before enlightenment chop wood carry water, after enlightenment chop wood carry water."